Who is Chamane ?

Our history

A morning of 2010, somewhere in Paris suburbs…
A meeting with a retail Buyer for the Chilled Fixture.
It’s raining, and it took too long to come, the day starts badly.
At this moment none of the attendees can imagine that this meeting will emerge into a revelation…

Here is the beginning of Chamane’s story, an adventure, a businessmen’s challenge…
Today Chamane is already an example.

Its universe ? The nature !

Chamane is actually one of the pioneers as far as naturality is concerned.
It is designed for a large number of people who love life,
the energy it gives and … it takes !

It becomes so very important to fill up with this important energy, this energy which allows to go through, to create, which makes us love, which makes us … LIVE !

Our Vision

The Energy Drinks’ Market was developed by the world known companies, and this market still knows a two-figures growth.
All the main players are communicating and trying to attract the same target of customers

… Nevertheless …

Motivated by the communication around these Energy Drinks, convinced of the promise, but disappointed by the taste and the lack of naturality, some frustrated customers are looking for a renewal, for a product closer to their consumption philosophy and this is what Chamane offers from now on !

The energy with no coloring agents, no preservatives, no taurine or other artificial additives.

Chamane is your day natural energy !

Our name ‘’ Chamane ‘’

The Chamane, i.e. « Shaman » is an intermediary human being at the halfway of the man and the spirit of nature.

Chamane is a wizard, a medecine man, a visionary and he shows his tribe the way towards the wisdom.

So the Chamane is the guide, the guardian, the protector of his community.
Born in Siberia, the Chamane concept was spread by the Mongols coming from Siberia, and also from Nepal, in China, in Corea, in Japan, among the Indian Tribes of North America, in Africa, in Australia and among the Ameridians in Latin America.

The word Chamane is understood in nearly all languages in the world.

The brandname Chamane hints directly about the Chamane, and then establishes this connection Man – Nature which is the basis of the Brand Concept


… become conscious and share…
… innovate and surprise …
… hold up and guide …